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the rockies avoss the central plains. it expends from texas to new mexico all of the way up to oklahoma and kansas. the main event will be tomorrow. look at all of the cities involved. oklahoma city kansas city up through chicago the heartland where we could have large hail damaging winds and cotornadoes. this will be a spags we are following through out the day and tomorrow. a lot of local forecasters are going to be forecasting this potentially severe outbreak. >> janice dean thank you. >> 9 minutes after the hour. undoe sided voters are key in this election. what did they think of last night's performances. >> i thought he jumped the ygun. shouldn't have done it. >> i thought it was a huge mistake. it was arrogant. it sticks with me. i can't forget that. >> we will have the complete report card from frank luntz' group. >> the company already used up millions and millions of our tax payer dollars. we will tell you all about it. >>> [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome
his all. in the meantime fox news confirming that people have been questioned in mexico about the shooting. mexico and border patrol and f.b.i. denying reports that two people have been arrested. there is good news. the second border patrol agent now is out of the hospital. he is a bounty on his head. a massachusetts man indicted in 2009, traveling from pistan to yemen all learning how to kill american soldiers. it is believed that the 31 year old left the united states in 2006 and may be living in syria with his wife and one child. he has duel citizenship and syrian citizenship fluent in english and arabick. remember the dark knight shooter? he is claiming his rights were violated over this mug shot. it shows him with short brown hair instead of the orange hair he had when he was arrested. it goes against a judge's order limiting pretrial publicity. they want to know how it was leaked. it is a bit of trivia. mitt romney getting in a game of jinga before it debate. he is here in the hotel room and joined by three of his five sons. he had a barbecue sandwich and spaghetti. that
at this hour. fox news identifying victims from mexico killed with weapons from the fast and furious gun walking operation. new documents reveal the u.s. program sits sent some 2,000 guns into the country. they were used in about 300 shootings including one at a birthday party in january 2010. 16 teenagers were killed. the mexican government has remained silent for the most part. estimated 1300 guns from the operation are still unaccounted for. 10 years after the dc snierp shooting rampage that left 140 people deadly vow malvo is speaking out. >> they say if you look up the definition i was a ghoul. i was a thief. i stole people's life. >> malvo who is now just a teenager at the time of the shootings is serving life without parole. john allen muhammad was executed in 2009. >>> just ahead of the first presidential debate a new tv ad airs on gun control with a massacre survivor. >> in the next four years 48,000 americans won't be so lucky because they will be murdered with guns in the next president's term. >> the ad is pushing the candidates for gun violence plans. obama and romney meet f
of murder. in mexico a drug cartel leader is believed to have been killed in a shoot out with marines. he is known as the executioner is suspected in hundreds of killings. his death comes as marines captured another alleged failed leader who is also suspected in hundreds of killings there. he is also believed to be responsible for the death of the jern jet ski erhardt lee. >> more bad news workers of a a battery plant are feeling the effects from the car's lack of demand. here to explain all of this diane macedo. >> december bite getting the 150 million love our money to get the volt batteries before a single battery has been produ d produced. a a plant aped in 2010 surrounded by so much hype even obama tanded the ground breaking. >> you are showing ow manufacturing jobs are coming right back here to the united states of america. >> it was supposed to create hundreds of new jobs and produce 15,000 batteries a year. they have employed 200 batteries a year. the machine paid by a plant in south korea. it is also taxpayer subsidized had its own production issues. a spokesman tells
mexico. >> it's the city unexpected you don't expect to go to this little mountain town have spas, art galleries, five star restaurants, it's a beautiful escape to relax and rejuvenate. my hotel pick is the inn spa at lower raid d lower raid doe. >> you can stay in the hotel that's all you need but there are so many things to explore and do. >> walking tours museums and a lot of art. >> the virginia wine country we heard a lot about california wines in the sonoma valley. virginia is the place to go. >> absolutely. california may be the obvious choice. virginia wine country has over 200 wineries. it has a deep history in wine making. they were actually named wine enthusiasts as one of the ten best travel wine destinations in 2012. it's a really great option. it's a lot of beautiful small properties to stay at. my pick is the boars head inn. a beautiful property. you can venture out in all of these different wine trails. rates from 160 a night in the fall. the proximity to washington, d.c. makes it such an easy option for people to fly into dc and head out to the wineries. >> crossing th
and questioned by police. the girl was shot last week because she spoke out on education rights for women. mexico pounded with rain and 60 mile per hour winds. they may mick land hall today before reading back the good news it is slowing down. >>> we are hearing from undecided voters from the state of nevada. they were part. focus group. here's what they thought about the president and the governor's responses on tax policies. >> i want to bring the rates down simplify the tax codes and have middle income taxpayers to have lower taxes. the reason is middle income taxpayers have been buried over the past four years. you have seen income go down even as gas prices have gone up. health insurance premiums up 2,500 food prices up, utility buyses up. middle insome families have been crushed so i want to get relief to middle income families. >> it was one of the rare moments republicans and democrats agreed. why. >> he is talking about tax policies to be an economic issue? >> it is. it's more important. i am not a job creator but for me to have our country move forward and to get back to the good times
of programs aimed at expanding enrollment including a partnership with mexico among foreign nationals. the department of state and homeland security waved the legal requirement that people entering the u.s. not be welfare reliant. it is a hot button issue sometimes. wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing about this one on the campaign trail and in next week's final debate. >> oo the timed 5 minutes to the top of the hour. talk about a literal kick to the head. we will explain. >> can you figure out the word of the day? there it is stick around for the answer. music: "make someone h" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too. ♪ >> about a minute until the top of the hour. the good, bad and uglyfirst the good. a baby bear nursed back to health after being left're abandoned by the mother. you may have to deg deeper when you want a glass of wine. drought and hail hurt the european grapes . and a girl taking a knee in the face. she was down in a uta
of shark it was. >> this story is incredible. stranded in the new mexico desert for three-days a paraplegic man: ages to drag himself four miles down a dirt road in order to find help. ricky gilmore says a couple who he met while hitchhiking dropped him off without his wheelchair or food after he refused to share alcohol with them. 2 people road right by him but on day three a man stopped for help. he should be in the hospital for another week he should be just fine. >> with election day now closing in the presidential contenders are kicking it into high gear in those all important swing states. president obama will be campaigning in iowa, colorado, mitt romney will be in nevada and iowa. >>> joining us live from washington, d.c. with more on this is doug luzader. hi, doug. >> unless you live in one of those battle ground states, you are probably not going to see much of the candidates at least not in person over the next 13 days as this campaign reaches a fever pitch. you can add another 5,000 miles or so to the odometer of air force one today. as president obama passes back on board. as u
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)